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The mode of payment for your order is: 50% when ordering, is the total of the price without shipping expenses, 50% before dispatch of the order including the shipping costs. When your order is ready for shipping we will automatically generate you a statement for the final second payment, upon receipt of payment your order will be dispatched. You can pay by Paypal, MoneyBookers, German, Swiss, and Thai bank accounts.  
Standard Line Gentlemens   Standard Line Ladies 
Suit 149,- Euro * (Trousers+Jacket)   Suit 149,- Euro * (Trousers+Jacket)  
Jacket 99,- Euro *   Jacket 99,- Euro *  
Trousers 59,- Euro *   Trousers 59,- Euro *  
Waistcoat 49,- Euro *   Skirt 49,- Euro *  
Business Line Gentlemens, 100% wool S130 quality  Business Line Ladies, 100% wool S130 quality  
Suit 199,- Euro * (Trousers+Jacket)   Suit 199,- Euro * (Trousers or Skirt+Jacket)  
Jacket 149,- Euro *   Jacket 149,- Euro *  
Trousers 79,- Euro *   Trousers 79,- Euro *  
Waistcoat 69,- Euro *   Skirt 69,- Euro *  
When ordering the Standard line you will automatically receive N01-N04, as the lining for your order, however if you wish to upgrade and purchase lining from the Business Line this is available at an extra cost. 
Extra cost Lining T01 - T07, Standard Line   Extra cost Lining T01 - T07, Standard Line  
Suit 20,- Euro * (Trousers+Jacket)   Suit 20,- Euro * (Trousers or Sktirt+Jacket)  
Jacket 15,- Euro *   Jackets 15,- Euro *  
Trousers 10,- Euro *   Trousers 10,- Euro *  
Waistcoat 10,- Euro *   Skirt 10,- Euro *  
*All prices are without VAT and any Customs charges/ tariffs that may be applicable to the purchasers country of origin. 
Postage costs Gentlemens  Postage costs Ladies 
Suit 29,- Euro *   Suit 29,- Euro *  
Jacket 19,- Euro *   Jacket 19,- Euro *  
Trousers 9,- Euro *   Trousers 9,- Euro *  
Waistcoat 9,- Euro *   Skirt 9,- Euro *  
*Dispatch will be made exclusively by EMS (Asias express courier service as comparable to UPS, FEDEX etc). Your order is fully insured, and delivery is 5/7 working days. If you pürchase any additional items there is no extra cost, example, if you pürchase two suits you only pay for one. 
Unique alteration for gentlemen  Unique alteration for Ladies 
Suit / Yes *   Suit / Yes *  
Jacket / Yes *   Jacket / Yes *  
Trousers / Yes *   Trousers / Yes *  
Waistcoat / Ja *   Skirt / Yes *  
* If you are unhappy with the measurements of your pürchase, we will happily alter your pürchase upon receipt of the goods back to our business adderss free of charge.The customer will be liable for the shipping costs back to our business address, then upon alteration we will forward the goods free of charge.