You are here: Order Expiration

  • You give your order in our Onlineshop under the menu option "ordering".
  • We email you within 24 hours , a calculation of 50% of the purchase order value exclusive of postage.
  • After receipt of the payment you will receive within 7 working-days material samples, tape measure, and a video CD for measurement guidelines.
  • You will receive entrance to our order system, where you can give comfortably on-line your order with the help of our video.
  • If you prefer you can email and book a suitable time and we can help you with your order by telephone.
  • After approximately 5 working-days, your made to measure garments will be ready for shipping.
  • Now the goods are ready for shipping you will receive an itemised bill, which will contain the 50% balance of your purchase order together with any additional items eg: Business Line, Special Linings, Waistcoat. If you have purchased additional items you will see that you are only being charged for the original item.
  • Upon receipt of the balance of the funds, approximately 5 working-days later you will receive your finished made to measure garment by courier service.
  • If any alterations should be necessary with your purchase, we will make these free of charge, but the customer is liable for the shipping costs back to our business address, and then upon completion of said alterations we will ship the goods back free of charge.
We dissociate ourselves hereby expressly from Child labour working practices, and guarantee that your made to measure garment has been manufactured to the highest possible working standards.